Brand champions by trade.

Storytellers by nature.

DECIBEL is a public relations and marketing agency comprised of big thinkers and creative storytellers.

Our goal is simple - deliver the skills, smarts and savvy to get clients noticed online, offline and everywhere in between. Once you start working with us, you'll quickly realize we are passionate about what we do and we are continuously inspired by our clients, community and of course, our caffeine consumption. 

D | Experience

Think outside the box? We say throw it out completely.


Every client venture is a new opportunity to cultivate meaningful connections with others. Notice, we said meaningful. We don't practice cookie-cutter approaches.  Why when today there are so many tools in marketing, PR and tech to apply to campaigns. Plus, we want to achieve more than just company exposure for you; we want to help you cultivate a brand that inspires, amuses and resonates with audiences.



Public Relations

Public Relations

Technology | Interactive  

Technology | Interactive


D | Partners

Our client's success is our litmus test.


We've aligned with some amazing companies; marketed some pretty neat brands; and produced some great media buzz. Our diverse portfolio and backgrounds enable us to take a fresh and versatile approach to everything we do. Here's a peek at who we've worked with along the way.



D | Squad

Helping companies hit the mark-eting.


We're the first to admit, what we do is not rocket science; but it does require a certain level of finesse, creativity, research and business savvy. We know how to put together a whiz-bang marketing and PR program that incorporates all the right elements to realize your goals. After all, marketing for marketing's sake is pointless, but marketing to make a mark is a game changer.

Barbara Brooks

Barbara L. Brooks

Chief Marketing Officer

As a strategic, multidisciplinary and award-winning marketing maven, I bring double-digit years of experience and a proven track record in building client success through progressive Read More

Lupe Hirt

Guadalupe O. Hirt

Chief Public Relations Officer

I'm a seasoned public relations specialist with nearly 23 years of experience helping clients speak their mind - with tact. I have helped clients execute a range of regional and national programs. Read More


D | Culture

DECIBEL at work and at play.


Everyday is a new opportunity to celebrate the people, clients and successes that make our work unforgettable. Whether it's a rockin' launch event, helping a non-profit hit their goal, landing a coveted media placement or partaking in what we love to do, you'll hear about it here. Read on and get to know the people, pets and clients behind DECIBEL.


D | Buzz

Our two cents. Worth every penny – in time investment.  


Without a doubt, we are right-brained thinkers. Expressive. Creative. Intuitive. It’s these characteristics (along with a few others) that make us experts in our profession. Subscribe to our blog for marketing and PR trends, industry news, tips and commentary on how to get the most bang for your buck.


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Connect with us.


We're just a meet up away. That’s how we roll at DECIBEL – in person meetings to really get to know you, your business and what you need to move the needle.


Drop us a line and let's get the conversation going.

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